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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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The courage to encourage

Should women be pastors? Or church leaders, deacons, or teachers?

The world is “unhappier, more stressed out than ever,” but is this a bad thing?

How can Christians relate to the LGBTQ+ community with truth and love? A conversation with Bruce Miller

How to create healthy momentum in your church

The Founding Fathers of rock turn to the heavenly Father: An excerpt from “Lennon, Dylan, Alice, and Jesus” by Greg Laurie

Pastor: Now that Roe is gone, what will you say and do?

Living pro-life: Serving the voiceless and their parents in a partisan world: A conversation with Holly and Aaron Snell and Lisa Freeman

What to do when depression and ministry overlap

Fuller churches on Father’s Day? It can happen

Walker Hayes hated church: An excerpt from “Glad You’re Here”

“Lightyear” star calls critics of film’s same-sex kiss “idiots” who will “die off like dinosaurs”

The latest on the church shooting in Alabama

Today in history: Fifty years ago, the Watergate break-in led Jeb Stuart Magruder to prison—and to Christ

“Lightyear” features same-sex kiss: Should kids see Disney’s latest film?

After huge Fed interest rate hike, is a recession likely?

Are you mad at God?

Meeting with the elders: An excerpt from “Succession” by Bryant Wright

Uvalde pastor shot at by gunman responds to terror in sermon

What is the greatest thing a pastor can do?

Too much to bear

Pastor, should you quit the SBC?

Should good leaders “ask for forgiveness rather than permission?”

5 Questions Pastors should be asking

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