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Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to The Daily Article?

Visit and enter your email address into the signup form.

Can you update my email address?

Contact with the subject line: Update email address.

Include your name, former email address, and current email address.

I’m no longer receiving The Daily Article. Can you resubscribe me?

Follow these steps to resubscribe:

  1. Find your most recent Daily Article email from You may need to search your inbox, archive, spam/junk, or trash folders.
  2. Click “Manage preferences” at the bottom of your Daily Article email.
  3. On that subscription preferences page, be sure that a checkmark appears next to each kind of email you wish to receive.
  4. Click “Save preferences.”

Alternatively, you may email and request to be resubscribed.

P. S. Make sure to add to your contact list.

Can you unsubscribe me from The Daily Article?

To unsubscribe from The Daily Article:

  1. Locate your most recent Daily Article email from You may need to search your inbox, archive, spam/junk, or trash folders.
  2. Click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of The Daily Article email.

Can you subscribe a friend, family member, or church member to The Daily Article on my behalf?

We cannot automatically subscribe your friends and family to The Daily Article without their permission. Please encourage them to sign up at

How do I print The Daily Article as a PDF?

To print or download today’s Daily Article as text only:

  1. Visit the article’s page. Use the site’s search to locate The Daily Article or browse The Daily Article archive.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the article.
  3. Under “Submit your response,” click the print or PDF icon.
  4. Click “Print” or “PDF”.

How do I share an article on Facebook?

You can share any of our content directly from our website by clicking the shareable icons at the top right of each article.

You can also find The Daily Article you want to share on our Facebook page at Click “share” to share it on your Facebook page or in a specific group.

How can I respond to an article?

We offer three ways to respond to The Daily Article or any other content published by the Denison Forum:

  1. You may reply directly to The Daily Article email sent from
  2. You may visit our Facebook page and respond to the relevant article there.
  3. You may provide private feedback to our staff using the form titled “What did you think of this article?” at the bottom of our website articles

May I share a portion of The Daily Article in my blog, newsletter, sermon, etc.?

Please read our content usage policy.

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