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Content Usage Policy: Denison Ministries Permissions

We appreciate that you’d like to share the resources of Denison Ministries, whether those of Denison Forum, First15, Christian Parenting, Foundations with Janet, or any of our other content platforms.

Denison Ministries owns all right, title, and interest in and to the media and digital materials, content, websites, domain names, photography, intellectual property, artwork, and designs associated and used in connection with the brands and on the platforms identified above, and all common law rights, state and federal intellectual property rights, registrations, copyrights and trademark rights in and to such items. At times, Denison Ministries has guest contributors who may have the same rights in their materials.

Since you are an end-user of the materials discussed above, your use is limited to your personal nonprofit use and may not be for any commercial or political purposes. 

In addition, please follow the content usage guidelines below.

Short Materials 

You are free to share and reproduce limited portions of our written articles, pamphlets, lessons, sermons, talks, lectures, etc. By ‘limited” we mean only excerpts or quotes (and not the entirety) from the materials.   

In these instances, please include the following appended to the shared content: 

By [Author]  (e.g., Dr. Jim Denison). © Denison Ministries. Source: website (e.g.,,, or or blog

We also request that the author’s short biography be included, e.g.,:

Dr. Jim Denison is the author and founder of the Denison Forum.


So long as only excerpts or quotes from any Faith Question or Contributor Article are used when sharing that content online or in print, you are free to share and reproduce those portions of any Faith Question or Contributor Article. 

However, please remember that the respective authors of Contributed Articles maintain their legal rights as discussed above. Should you want to use their content beyond quoting material, you will need to contact the respective author for permission.

Audio and Video Content

You may reproduce and publish any audio or video content from any distribution platform of Denison Ministries without our permission. Remember that your use is limited to personal nonprofit use and not for any listening or reading audience gathered for political or commercial purposes. 

When providing such content, credit Denison Ministries as shown above, including a reference to the specific brand where the content originated, e.g., You may not, however, reproduce and publish a guest contributor’s audio or video content without the permission of the contributor. 

Books and Other Written Materials 

So long as only excerpts or quotes from any book by Dr. Denison, Janet Denison, Ryan Denison, Craig Denison, or other Denison Ministries author(s) are used when sharing our content online or in print, you as an end-user of the materials are free to share and reproduce limited portions of any book. By “limited” we mean no more than 10 percent of the book’s total page content. 

For books that contain study questions, you are free to reproduce those questions for distribution in small group gatherings. Please remember, such reproductions are only for personal nonprofit use and not for any political or commercial gathering.

Request a Translation

Upon request, translations may be permitted for personal, non-commercial, non-political use. Translations may not be shared with others either in print or digital formats without permission from Denison Ministries. To request permission, please click here.

Want to Contribute Content?

To pitch your Contributor Article idea, click here with your suggested title and two to three sentences summarizing the article and why it would be compelling for our audience of culture-changing Christians.


If this page has not answered your questions regarding using Denison Ministries content, ask your question here.

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