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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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What are my spiritual gifts? A conversation with Dr. Ryan Denison

How to know when we are true and false prophets

Is the church that performed “Hamilton” being persecuted?

Unborn children as a tax exemption and Whoopi Goldberg’s “religious” argument for abortion

Reaching “the whole imperial guard”: Why every Christian needs a personal Acts 1:8 strategy

How a local pastor became a “lifeline” after the Kentucky floods

Ask Jim: What is a cultural missionary, and how can God redeem the Uvalde shooting? 

Brittney Griner sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison, but there’s more to the story

How to leave a legacy that matters

How ancient prayers bring us stability for uncertain times: An excerpt from “Earth Filled with Heaven” by Aaron Damiani

The church and urban ministry: A conversation with Chris Brooks

Why we need more “weeping prophets”

Jimmy Hoffa is still missing: The power of persistence and privilege of kingdom service

Pastor: Is your spiritual life on cruise control?

Dr. Jim Denison and Dr. Mark Turman’s mentors

The answer to the moral crisis of our day

Picture of four-year-old Ukrainian bombing victim goes viral

The SBC enacts abuse reform, but have they addressed the real problem?

When Dr. Jim Denison met Billy Graham

When tragedies strike and explanations don’t suffice

Our favorite books—how many does Dr. Denison read each week?

One essential question pastors should ask in decisions that affect their church: Is this about style or substance?

How to set an example in sexually confusing times

Our favorite summer movies, vacations, Bible verses, and Bible characters (not named Jesus)

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