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Monday, March 4, 2024

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Election 2024: Discern politics differently

Denison Forum is a nonpartisan, nonprofit ministry.

The following resources will not tell you whom to vote for.

Rather, we offer a biblical perspective on the news of the day and the issues our country is discussing.

How can a nation survive if its citizens see each other as enemies?

Two out of three Americans consider civility to be a major problem in our country today. Only 7 percent say it is not a problem at all. It seems we are all fighting to be heard, but no one’s listening.

Has our culture lost the art of civility?

In Respectfully, I Disagree: How to Be a Civil Person in an Uncivil Time, Dr. Jim Denison offers a path to becoming a people of civility in a season of conflict.

Get the ebook today or request a physical copy.

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