Pastor: Now that Roe is gone, what will you say and do?

Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Pastor: Now that Roe is gone, what will you say and do?

June 24, 2022 -

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© Bill Chizek /

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Pastor, today is an historic moment.

The near fifty-year decision known as Roe V. Wade was overturned in a six-to-three decision by the Supreme Court. We should be thankful that the attack on the sanctity of life advanced by Roe v. Wade has been stemmed.

I encourage you to speak to this decision and moment this Sunday as your church gathers for worship. This is an opportunity for you to equip your people on several levels about being salt and light to our dark world and doing so with humility and grace. Our calling is to be redemptive in all things and to speak the truth in love.

As you consider how to lead today and this week, let me offer these ideas for your work:

  • All people, from the unborn to the abortion provider, are loved by God and created in his image. All are people for whom Christ Jesus died and should be valued as such.
  • Abortion is a grand deception of the devil that will not be overcome by legal measures but by the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of people. The overturning of Roe will not end unplanned pregnancy nor the deception of abortion. It will only change the ministry and mission we must do to different levels and strategies.
  • Many of the people you speak to in your church and through your other platforms have been directly impacted by abortion. Some are in your presence seeking God’s grace for succumbing to the deception to get an abortion. They consider it the darkest moment in their lives and are wondering if there is forgiveness from God. Share God’s grace with them.
  • Encourage and lead your church to be pro-life on every level and in every way. Encourage your people to look for the vulnerable and to actively and personally support them. Who are the single moms within your reach that you can help? Who are the ministries and organizations providing resources to the weak and vulnerable? How can you band together this Sunday to help?
  • Challenge your people to speak truth with great grace in person and on all their platforms, especially social media.
  • Pray for God’s power and protection in these divisive days. Pray for the protection of the unborn and their parents and those who provide support to them: their extended family, friends, churches, and others.
  • Consider gathering a special offering for your local crisis pregnancy center and giving the contact information for how to volunteer locally.

For further information and consideration, please see Dr. Jim Denison’s special edition Daily Article that discusses the Supreme Court’s decision from a biblical perspective.

Also, make sure you subscribe to The Denison Forum Podcast. We’ll soon be releasing an episode we recorded just yesterday, where I discussed protecting the sanctity of life with Holly and Aaron Snell, of Hope Women’s Center, and Lisa Freeman, with Thrive.

Thank you for your Christ-centered, life-affirming work. May the Spirit move powerfully among all of us this weekend for God’s glory and the good of all people.

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