What happened this week at Denison Forum?

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What happened this week at Denison Forum?

February 13, 2021 -

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This Week in The Daily Article

The underlying question of this week’s reported news at Denison Forum is one I want you to ask yourself right now: Where are you truly placing your hope?

We awoke Monday morning to Tom Brady having won yet another Super Bowl, only to see Tuesday bring yet another impeachment trial for former president Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, we learned that a divided Senate had voted fifty-six to forty-four, ruling that the trial is constitutional.

Then, on Thursday, we heard that PepsiCo had announced it was changing the Aunt Jemima brand to Pearl Milling Company and had pledged $5 million to support the Black community.

Finally, on Friday we learned that the Washington National Cathedral came under fire for inviting evangelical pastor and author Max Lucado to speak. The reason: his biblical views on marriage.

Whether the news is good or bad, the question remains the same: Where are you placing your hope?

The answer makes all the difference in the world.

Hear Dr. Denison

As a cultural apologist, Dr. Jim Denison is often asked to speak on the day’s news for various radio and podcast programs.

On Wednesday, he answered “What does the Bible say about Valentine’s Day?” on Bill Martinez Live.

Dr. Denison talked about the true meaning of love on Mornings with Tom and Tabi.

And he further discussed Valentine’s Day on The Bottom Line with Roger Marsh.

You can always find Dr. Denison’s latest interviews here.

What you may have missed

Have you heard of Emmanuel Acho’s book, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man? Steve Yount provides a short review of Acho’s purposefully discomforting book.

Or did you see the news story about the drug treatment clinic owner arrested for drug trafficking? This unfortunate event led Ryan Denison to challenge us as Christians the next time someone calls us out.

Lastly, this story will encourage you to seek God’s goodness: Minni Elkins wrote of the first time she tried—and hated—a pomegranate. But she learned to love its taste once someone showed her the correct way to eat it. And that led her to consider just what it means to “taste and see that the Lord is good.”

Notable Quotables

With a tip of our hat to the late Alex Trebek and the well-known Jeopardy! Category of “Notable Quotables,” here are three recent quotes from our website for you to ponder:

  • “When we focus on the eternal in the midst of the temporal, we find hope in the former to face our gravest challenges in the latter. Such hope is a powerful witness to a watching and hurting world.” —Dr. Jim Denison 
  • “This side of heaven, we will never live up to the standards of perfection to which we are called. But when we respond to our mistakes with humility and welcome accountability, God can redeem even our shortcomings to bring others to himself.” —Ryan Denison 
  • “Followers of Jesus are to be bold in declaring and defending unpopular truth, gracious with those who disagree, and humble in dependence on our Lord. In other words, we are to be like Jesus.” —Dr. Jim Denison 

What you’re saying

Our readers email us, leave feedback on our website, and share their thoughts on our social media sites. Here’s what you’ve been saying lately:

  • “Jim Denison’s carefully supported and reasoned arguments using not only scripture but also contemporary research links provide me with the guidance needed to start my day. While conspiracy theories are rampant among the uninformed, I trust The Denison Forum to provide me with truth needed to walk with Christ daily and to respond to those who are confused and uninformed with Grace and love.” —Judy

Parting thought

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. 

Hopefully, that’s not surprising news.

What may be surprising is the origin of the day—and how much God truly loves you.

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