Ask Jim: How can I share my faith in light of evolution? And other answers to tough questions

Saturday, June 15, 2024

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Ask Jim: How can I share my faith in light of evolution? And other answers to tough questions

March 28, 2022 -

Summary: Dr. Jim Denison and Dr. Mark Turman respond to the audience’s questions, including how to be salt and light, is baptism necessary for salvation, how to handle evolution, and how to deal with feelings of hopelessness when a family member doesn’t believe in God.  

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Show notes: First, Dr. Mark Turman and Dr. Jim Denison discuss the Benedict Option by Rod Dreher, as people are asking Jim: What do we tell our children about the issues brought up in culture (3:21)? How do we prepare for the coming cultural tsunami which already affects our lives and our family’s lives? 

Dr. Denison believes in a balanced approach, saying that we must have retreats to spend time with God, to spend quality time with other believers, and make sure we “get away” from the world. However, at the same time, we are salt and light to the world, and we shouldn’t hide that from people who desperately need to hear the gospel (16:04). We must engage with the culture in a biblical, loving way. 

Next, they discuss a question about how to engage with non-believers. Dr. Denison gives some practical tips, and they consider the value of presence (9:23). Sometimes, we don’t have to say anything; we just need to be there for people. The Holy Spirit will give us the words to say, and he works in ways we don’t often expect. They also discuss how vocational ministry fits into this need for rhythms of rest and regeneration. 

Next, they answer the question: Is baptism necessary for salvation? Dr. Denison relates a short history of the theology of baptism, why baptism is important, which option, in his view, most aligns with the Bible, and application for our listener who asked the question (21:04). 

Another listener, in the context of sharing their faith, asks how we as believers should handle evolution and the intersection of faith and science (31:18). Dr. Denison believes that these issues are not essential for salvation. It shouldn’t be an issue that divides us. Dr. Denison says it shouldn’t prevent anyone from coming to faith since Christians interpret the Bible differently in this respect. Dr. Denison relates his own view about evolution. He believes in microevolution but not macroevolution, and he explains these views further. 

Dr. Denison weighs in on another heavy question: How does the Bible deal with the salvation of close friends or family (44:13)? How do we, as our listener put it, sleep at night? What if one of our children or close relatives doesn’t believe in Jesus? Dr. Denison gives a hopeful message in response and discusses how we can give that weight over to Jesus, knowing that he loves them more than we ever could. He also says to never give up; it’s never too late. Continually pray for them, but know that their salvation is not ultimately your responsibility—it’s between them and God. 

P.S. Jim’s most pivotal book to date, The Coming Tsunami, is now available on Kindle, hardcover, and Audible.

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About the hosts 

Jim Denison, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and the CEO of Denison Ministries, which is transforming 6.8 million lives through meaningful digital content. 

Dr. Mark Turman is the executive director of Denison Forum. He received his DMin from Truett at Baylor and previously served as lead pastor of Crosspoint Church. 

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