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Saturday, April 20, 2024

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The War in Israel: What You Need to Know about This Crisis of Global Significance

When an event like the war in Israel can have such global implications, we would all do well to better understand its context, both within the culture and within the Bible.

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New podcast series

Being Christian in today’s culture

Dr. Jim Denison & Dr. Mark Turman lay out seven essential convictions that a Christian who wants to engage and influence their culture most effectively should adhere to in the latest podcast series.



Is AI the beginning of the end?

See what the Bible says about AI and the end times in our latest book.

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The Denison Forum Podcast

The Denison Forum Podcast discusses timely news and relevant topics with biblical insight and practical applications.

Hosted by Dr. Mark Turman and featuring Dr. Jim Denison, as well as guests from time to time, this discussion-oriented podcast will help Christians further develop a biblical worldview on current events, equipping them to be salt and light for Christ in their spheres of influence.

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