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Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Water from a watering can is poured over a sprouting tomato seedling.

A passion for growth

In a black-and-white image, an open Bible sits on a lectern, a single light shining down on it.

Two prominent pastors return to ministry: What Matt Chandler and Johnny Hunt can teach us about the role of humility and the dangers of entitlement

A man prays with his hands clasped below his chin, his eyes shut.

The humbling reason Peter is my favorite apostle: A word of encouragement for preachers during Advent

An anonymous prophet in a brown hooded cloak.

An anonymous prophet who changed history

A Moses-like silhouette stands on a mountain with both arms upraised

A place for your pastoral regrets

Stock photo: One cave explorer helps another by tightening a rope around a climbing hook.

Group stranded for more than 24 hours 21 stories underground: The privilege and power of incarnational compassion

A man holds an open Bible in his hands

David Bowie’s handwritten lyrics and the path to preaching with power

A woman takes a photo with her cell phone.

The surveillance society and the life of a pastor

A shepherd leads his sheep down a road

iPhone false alarms, “dark extinction,” and the privilege of being a shepherd

A miniature figurine of a man in a thoughtful pose stands on a calendar page. © Nuthawut/

The problem with strategic thinking

The courage of believing

How to know when we are true and false prophets

How to leave a legacy that matters

Why we need more “weeping prophets”

Pastor: Is your spiritual life on cruise control?

The answer to the moral crisis of our day

How’s the weather? Our calling as stewards of the world

How to set an example in sexually confusing times

The courage to encourage

Should women be pastors? Or church leaders, deacons, or teachers?

How to create healthy momentum in your church

Pastor: Now that Roe is gone, what will you say and do?

Fuller churches on Father’s Day? It can happen

Are you mad at God?

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