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Thursday, January 26, 2023

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School board votes to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance

Warrant to search Donald Trump’s Florida home could be unsealed today

What Olivia Newton-John thought would happen when she died

The latest on the search of Donald Trump’s Florida home

Unborn children as a tax exemption and Whoopi Goldberg’s “religious” argument for abortion

10-year-old Uvalde shooting victim walks out of hospital after 66 days

Brittney Griner sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison, but there’s more to the story

An abortion battle I did not foresee

The significance of Speaker Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan

The death of Ayman al-Zawahiri: Four common questions and three biblical responses

Deshaun Watson has been suspended for six games: The chasm between religion and relationship

After denying we’re in a recession, President Biden tests positive for Covid again

The mistaken obituaries of Tony Dow and Alfred Nobel: How the reality of death liberates us to live fully today

Why the founder of Raising Cane’s bought $100,000 in lottery tickets

Mega Millions tops $1 billion and the so-called Respect for Marriage Act: Two ways to deal with discouragement

Land-walking sharks and city-killer asteroids: Four responses to doubts that imperil our faith

How a ten-year-old is helping the Ukrainian army

CIA director says Vladimir Putin is “entirely too healthy”

US House passes bill protecting same-sex marriage

How Armstrong and Aldrin were nearly stranded on the moon

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year

Picture of four-year-old Ukrainian bombing victim goes viral

The death of Ivana Trump: Media bias and the redemptive power of suffering

Thousands respond to the gospel at outreach event in the UK

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