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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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“We are fighting for the values of Europe and the world”: Responding to Volodymyr Zelensky’s remarkable speech

Zelensky’s speech to Congress today could be the “most important by a foreign leader since Churchill in 1941”

Pregnant Ukrainian woman wounded by Russian bombs has died: How much death and destruction will be enough for Putin?

Would Putin use “tactical nuclear weapons” to win this war?

Eleven-year-old escapes Ukraine by himself: “Primeval conditions in besieged cities” and a light that “cannot be hidden”

Girl sings “Let It Go” in Ukrainian shelter, video goes viral

How a young Christian killed in Ukraine “still speaks” to our future

Why the “new Cold War” affects every American Christian

“We will fight to the last breath”: Why one man’s courage is empowering his nation

This now-viral picture makes the Ukrainian crisis personal: Trusting God when his timing is not ours

Are Ukrainians “the best people on Earth”? Trusting God when we do not understand God

“The most consequential speech of his lifetime”: The State of the Union and a day for unity

Are we in a new Cold War?

Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert: The latest from Ukraine and a biblical call to courage

President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee: What we know about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s faith and potential impact on our culture

“The last few hours of peace on the European continent for a long time to come”

“Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine”

Why Russia “invaded” Ukraine: Explaining “Putin’s endgame”

Is Ukraine on the brink of war? Two articles explain why this crisis matters to the world

Queen Elizabeth tests positive for coronavirus: Why “bad ideas have victims”

Christian on trial in Finland for quoting the Bible on sexual morality

“Unstoppable” skier was destined for gold—then he went the wrong way

The latest from Ukraine: Why “every organization in the US is at risk”

Will Russia invade Ukraine tomorrow?

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