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Thursday, January 26, 2023

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House committee holds its first public hearing into January 6 riots

Matthew McConaughey quotes a Bible verse in remembering the Uvalde victims

Abortion activists interrupt Joel Osteen’s church service

Uvalde pastor shot at by gunman responds to terror in sermon

Is an economic “hurricane” coming?

Queen Elizabeth will not attend today’s Service of Thanksgiving due to “some discomfort”

Have scientists discovered hell?

Is America under divine judgment? A warning from Dr. Tony Evans

How a nine-year-old killed in Uvalde shared the gospel

“The last full measure of devotion”: A Memorial Day reflection

The Southern Baptist Convention releases sex abuser database: Four biblical responses

What is “Replacement Theory”? Three biblical responses

“She died a hero trying to get help”: What we know about gunmen who carry out mass school shootings

The latest on the Uvalde school shooting: “We are bound by a covenant of human solidarity”

A factor in the monkeypox outbreak I hesitated to discuss

“This is the Southern Baptist Apocalypse”

A man sits on a couch with a woman on either side of him

Polyamorous “weddings” and the claim that affairs can “strengthen a marriage”

The latest on the baby formula crisis: Why we don’t trust our government

Trump on the ballot and a new bill in Congress: The danger of doing something rather than the right thing

Congress to hold UFO hearing today: What God may have intended with the question of alien life

Buffalo mass shooting leaves 10 dead: Why ideas like “replacement theory” are so dangerous

Proxy wars and prayer: How will Russia respond to the latest news from NATO?

Why the Senate’s latest failure should not leave us rejoicing

Manslaughter to ministry: How prison ministries model Christ’s heart for us all

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