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Monday, March 4, 2024

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Valentine’s Day

A woman in a red jacket hugs a man in a brown jacket. She's clutching a handful of flowers in celebration of Valentine's Day. By Sanja_85/

“Galentine’s” parties and “DUMPlings”: The status of romance in America and the surprising path to our best lives

“A Great Calm,” why Christians observe Lent, and the role of women in ministry: Insights from Janet Denison

A woman forms her hands to make a heart shape with a football stadium in the background. © By WavebreakMediaMicro/ Both Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl can remind us of God's love.

What do Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl have in common?

Success that changes everything: Winning the Super Bowl of your soul

Love and marriage in a post-truth culture

#WorldsToughestJob - screen grab from Worlds Toughest Job mother's day promotional video from American Greetings (Credit: American Greetings)

What is the world’s toughest job?

Pope Francis attends a prayer calling for peace in Syria, in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican September 7, 2013 (Credit: Reuters/Tony Gentile)

Pope Francis a year later: how does he do it?

Valentine's Day chocolates (Credit: Stewart Butterfield via Flickr)

Lessons from the inventor of Valentine’s Day chocolate

Cadbury creme eggs in a box

Cadbury urged to drop ad featuring same-sex kiss: The courage we need and the Source of our hope

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott and Matthew McConaughey joined storm relief efforts: Choosing character today for the crisis tomorrow

Steam rises from a red coffee mug on a dark wood table. A phone and newspaper lay in the background.

What happened this week at Denison Forum?

Melissa Degesso-Jones and James Jones kiss on their wedding day two years ago. Melissa Degesso-Jones, right, will donate one of her kidneys to her husband, James Jones, during transplant surgery set for Monday, Jan. 11, 2013, just a few days before the two-year anniversary of the day they met — on Valentine’s Day (Courtesy of James and Melissa Degesso-Jones) title=

Woman gives her husband kidney for Valentine’s Day

bride and groom holding hands in heart shape (Credit: Anna Mironova -

Cancelling Valentine’s Day

Category Culture

Couple that vanished in the woods is found: It’s always too soon to give up on God

Category Culture

‘Rats will devour your car’: The solution for unseen rodents

'Bachelor' contestant makes her faith public

‘Bachelor’ contestant makes her faith public: A Valentine’s Day call to courageous love

The ‘five most romantic towns in the world’: The cost and joy of fulfilling our call

Handwritten note by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. goes on sale: The Oscars and Christian grace

School shooting in Florida: “It’s supposed to be a safe place”

You can order a hamburger with an engagement ring

Cadbury drops ‘Easter’ from Easter egg hunt

Where we will spend $4.3 billion today

The two loves: a meditation on 1 Corinthians 13

ERBIL, IRAQ - AUGUST 11, 2014 - A man stands still outside the Mar Tshmony church. 500 Christian families have been sheltered at Mar Tshmony church, after an unprecedented ISIS advance into Kurdish controlled territory, mainly Qaraqosh for the second time. These refugees are begging for passports to get out Iraq and even called on Western governments to offer them asylum as their culture faces the danger of extinction. (Credit: Photo by Vianney Le Caer / Pacific Press/Sipa USA)

For the Martyrs

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