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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Corporate Prayer: The Blessing of Coming Together: An excerpt from “Going Higher with God in Prayer” by A. W. Tozer

3 ways to pray for children this school year

How ancient prayers bring us stability for uncertain times: An excerpt from “Earth Filled with Heaven” by Aaron Damiani

Webb telescope suffers “uncorrectable damage” from micrometeoroid hit

9 tips before your next short-term mission trip

Scorching temps in Europe responsible for more than a thousand dead: A lesson for empathetic prayers

Why do optimists live longer? Trusting God when it’s hard to trust God

When tragedies strike and explanations don’t suffice

Fourth of July mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill. leaves six dead

If God knows everything, why should I pray?

It is always too soon to give up on God

Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

If God knows everything, why should I pray?

How to move the world

How to move the world

Does God still do miracles?

Does God still do miracles?

Supreme Court rules that high school coach can pray on field

Are you mad at God?

What is the greatest thing a pastor can do?

Too much to bear

God is building his church—even in Gaza

Proxy wars and prayer: How will Russia respond to the latest news from NATO?

The Supreme Court news you may have missed

The latest on the Supreme Court leak and “the one and only pro-life argument”

What I wish the True Love Waits movement would have taught me

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