How Texas Baptist Men are providing disaster relief in Israel

Monday, June 17, 2024

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“The hands and feet of Jesus”: John-Travis Smith discusses the disaster relief efforts of Texas Baptist Men in Israel

October 25, 2023 -

Texas Baptist Men offers direct ways for you to help those in need.

Denison Forum seeks to help people think biblically and act redemptively as culture-changing Christians. In the midst of the war in Israel, we seek to inform believers with resources on how to think biblically about this current crisis. We are also calling on Christians to act redemptively by praying fervently, giving sacrificially, and going eagerly as the Holy Spirit directs. Texas Baptist Men is one of the most effective ministries through which believers can be that redemptive servant in this crisis.


  • Defining the BGCT, Texas Baptists, and Texas Baptist Men
  • How is Texas Baptist Men involved in disaster relief?
  • TBM’s worldwide disaster relief
  • How is TBM assisting in Israel?
  • Are TBM chaplains involved in Israel?
  • How are both Israelis and Palestinians being cared for?
  • What is it like in Israel and Gaza right now?
  • How can we pray for the work of Texas Baptist Men?
  • How can people partner with Texas Baptist Men?
  • A prayer for the work of TBM and peace around the world


About John-Travis Smith

John-Travis Smith is the Associate Executive Director/CFO for Texas Baptist Men (TBM).

He grew up in Royal Ambassadors, where he earned the Legion of Honor Award and has served Texas Baptist Men in a variety of capacities, including as vice president for finance and a member of the TBM Forever Foundation board.

He also was pastor to young adults at First Baptist Church in Bryan since June 2013. Previously, he served 11 years at First Baptist Church in Hempstead, first as youth minister, later as associate pastor and eventually as interim pastor.

Smith manages overall financial operations for TBM, oversees the office staff and updates policies and procedures in areas ranging from accounting to human resources.

Smith earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance from Texas A&M University and his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Kayla, have four children.

About Dr. Mark Turman

Dr. Mark Turman is the Executive Director of Denison Forum and Vice President of Denison Ministries. Among his many duties, Turman is most notably the host of The Denison Forum Podcast. He is also the chief strategist for DF Pastors, which equips pastors and church leaders to understand and transform today’s culture.

About Denison Forum

Denison Forum exists to thoughtfully engage the issues of the day from a biblical perspective through The Daily Article email newsletter and podcast, The Denison Forum Podcast, as well as many books and additional resources.

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