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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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natural disaster

Why you’ll receive a text from the president today

“Storm of a lifetime” threatens 10 million people

“A beast like no other”

Is the “Big One” coming?

What Google Searches Reveal

The Maryland shooting and “Searching for God at Ground Zero”

Deadly caterpillars have invaded London

Austin bombing suspect dies as police close in

Attacker wants to display ISIS flag in hospital

America is ‘overdue’ for catastrophic earthquake

Disaster strikes and God seems silent: 3 options

Senators criticize Catholic nominee for her faith

Responding to Irma: Good news in the news

Trusting God in hard times: a 9/11 reflection

Please join Denison Forum in helping storm victims

Why God allowed Hurricane Harvey: 4 wrong answers

‘A storm that the United States has not seen yet’

Bracing for Hurricane Harvey: four responses

Do heartburn drugs increase risk of death?

Officials say Russia attack was suicide bombing

An answer to the refugee crisis from an unlikely source

Famed fortuneteller predicts our future for 2017

Why good news on ISIS is not good enough

Learn to study Old Testament wisdom and prophecy

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