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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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The Denison Forum Podcast Episode 29: How can Christians relate to the LGBTQ+ community with truth and love? A conversation with Bruce Miller

“Lightyear” star calls critics of film’s same-sex kiss “idiots” who will “die off like dinosaurs”

New hymnal and Bible study celebrate LGBTQ ideology

Abortion activists interrupt Joel Osteen’s church service

Can I get fired for talking about God at my workplace?

The Denison Forum Podcast Episode 23: Ask Jim: When does science say life begins? And other answers to tough questions

Taco Bell’s “Drag Brunch Tour” may be coming to a city near you

The Denison Forum Podcast Episode 19: Our New Abnormal, a conversation with Kerby Anderson

On the oddity of “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” the multiverse, and why Christians need to rethink art

Man marries a fictional character: Learning to “spot the lie”

Why two Christian filmmakers proactively sued the state of Minnesota

Florida lawmakers vote to end Disney’s tax privilege

“Oreos Gone Woke”: Nabisco produces gay-affirming movie

Mixed USA and LGBT flag, three dimensional render © bennian_1 /

“Strange New World” by Carl. R Trueman is the best historical explanation of our current cultural crisis

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill and a rising threat to our children

Pastor to church after building destroyed by fire: “We are always more than the tragedies we face”

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas wins D1 championship: How normalizing is a key to cultural acceptance

How can we combat the expanding problem of cyberbullying?

Pregnant Ukrainian woman wounded by Russian bombs has died: How much death and destruction will be enough for Putin?

The Denison Forum Podcast Episode 19: Our New Abnormal, a conversation with Kerby Anderson

Christian on trial in Finland for quoting the Bible on sexual morality

Will the Supreme Court protect religious liberty?

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire: The power and privilege of personal influence

New Canadian law could imprison those who affirm biblical morality

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