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Friday, March 31, 2023

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How to survive a shark attack

Another setback for Tim Tebow

Trump-Putin summit begins: How to navigate volatile times

The surprising tour de force at the Tour de France

Is this what God looks like?

Paul Ryan’s retirement: The price and power of holiness

A description of grace your soul needs today

You didn’t see the most important teams at the Olympics

The night I met Billy Graham

You can order a hamburger with an engagement ring

Earthquake triggers tsunami fears for West Coast

How a couple who lost 9 family members will celebrate Christmas

Charlie Rose and the epidemic of sexual immorality

I was reminded in Israel that religion doesn’t work

Paul Ryan condemned after calling for prayer

‘Cowardly act of terror’ kills eight in NYC

The Little Monk from the Small Town who Changed the World: Reflections on the ’95 Theses’ on their 500th Anniversary

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn photos spark furor

Why going to church is good for your health

Inspiring insight from United Airlines firestorm

A ‘historic storm’ and the state of our souls

5 reasons US will not fall like Rome?

Terrell Owens and the crisis of character

Credit: Rich Pedroncelli via AP

California law requires teaching homosexual relations


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