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Monday, September 25, 2023

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Aaron Hernandez suicide and 4 global questions

The Conflict in Syria: Causes and Biblical Responses

Missile strike in Syria: 4 biblical imperatives

The ‘nuclear option’ and the grace of God

Why the Senate is about to go nuclear

John Adams on Neil Gorsuch hearings

Republicans release ‘American Health Care Act’

Will Oprah run for president?

Brain science and Trump’s speech to Congress

Why Elon Musk is Wrong

Syrian government secretly executed 13,000 prisoners

Mike Pence makes history in a divided Washington

An answer to the refugee crisis from an unlikely source

Trump travel ban: 3 biblical priorities

A surprising solution for stressful times

The inauguration: Hope for a divided nation

March on Washington excludes pro-life women

What do MLK Day and NFL playoffs have in common?

Why I’m hopeful after the Trump press conference

Responding to President Obama’s farewell address

Should Prince Charles be the next king?

Trump tweets and Republicans reverse ethics vote

Why I disagree with President Obama on Israel

Why Secretary of State news is so important


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