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Monday, September 25, 2023

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You spent $22 million investigating UFOs

Should the US declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel?

Supreme Court hears landmark religious liberty case

Are Christians the most persecuted faith on earth?

The Little Monk from the Small Town who Changed the World: Reflections on the ’95 Theses’ on their 500th Anniversary

What a Nobel Prize winning economist can teach us about evangelism

How to Forgive What You Can’t Forget

Will we see a ‘sign’ of the end times in 4 days?

What you and the pope have in common

DACA and the Bible: 3 principles

Laughing at ISIS: a new battleplan

North Korea has a deployable nuke

Hacker hero arrested

What Jeff Flake says about our nation

Can North Korea be “handled”?

Alzheimer’s and the value of a correct diagnosis

The earthquake that didn’t happen

How power hurts your brain

What Burger King can teach us about truth

Two responses to James Comey and the UK election

Is pro-life legislation ‘a form of slavery’?

Why did picture of Trump and the pope go viral?

Putin’s regime revels in WWII era success

Peace in Polarizing Times


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