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Monday, December 5, 2022

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A Moses-like silhouette stands on a mountain with both arms upraised

A place for your pastoral regrets

A man rests his hand on his chin in a pensive state. © Daniel Jędzura/

The value of doubt and importance of asking questions: An excerpt from “The 7 Big Questions” by Bruce B. Miller

Stock photo: Flames spew at the top of a beige house on fire. © Sue/

The courage of an Amazon driver and the faith of NFL quarterback Trey Lance

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey in central London, Monday Sept. 19, 2022. The Queen, who died aged 96 on Sept. 8, will be buried at Windsor alongside her late husband, Prince Philip, who died last year. (Ben Stansall/Pool via AP)

My reflections on Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral: Two keys to her greatness

Student raises funds to help him adopt baby he found in trash can

The courage of believing

Unlocking Doubting Castle: Excerpts from “The Way of a Christian: Life Lessons from Pilgrim’s Progress”

Brittney Griner sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison, but there’s more to the story

The life, faith, and death of Vin Scully and our longing for God

Why the founder of Raising Cane’s bought $100,000 in lottery tickets

Land-walking sharks and city-killer asteroids: Four responses to doubts that imperil our faith

Picture of four-year-old Ukrainian bombing victim goes viral

Why believe in God?

When You Fear: 7 Days To Faithful Living In The Age Of Coronavirus

When you fear: 7 days to faithful living in the age of coronavirus

The harder it is to worship Jesus, the more we need to worship Jesus

Was Noah's ark real?

Was Noah’s ark real? How can we learn from his faith

How can I study the Bible?

Touching the garment of God

It is always too soon to give up on God

Did Christmas really happen?

Did Christmas really happen?

Is Jesus Really God Denison Forum YouVersion Devotioal

Is Jesus really God?

Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

Is God real?

Is God real?

Why does a good God allow bad things?

Can we believe in miracles today?

Can we believe in miracles today?

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