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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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A wooden sign points in three directions: this way, that way, and the other way—indicative of a pastor's search for their calling.

Pastor, what is your unique calling?

Hands folded in prayer on top of an American flag. Praying for America this July 4. © By jn14productions/

Three encouraging reminders for ministry in this moment: A July 4 reflection

A lone paper figure in the shape of a man stands on the high end of a seesaw with the opposite end supporting ten similar cutouts. © By pogonici/

How not to be intimidated by our culture: A response to Pride Month

Couple enjoying vacation at cabin. By goodluz/

Where can ministry couples get help?

A dark, cloudy sky looms over the US Capitol building. By gelangelan/ | politics in church

How the church can weather oncoming political storms

Hands folded in prayer over an open Bible. By doidam10/

An Easter prayer for pastors

How to be Christian in an anti-Christian culture

Symbolizing the Passover meal that Jesus took at the Last Supper, a chalice filled with wine and Passover bread sits atop a table. By udra11/

A story I’ve never explored and five encouraging facts to embrace

Against a dark blue background, four wooden blocks feature the symbols @ # $ %, representing profanity in the pulpit. By Prazis Images/

The rise of profanity in the pulpit

Two men bow their heads in prayer while sitting on a park bench. One man holds a closed Bible in his left hand while his right hand is on the other man's shoulder. By Lydia/

Remember the assignment: “Go and make disciples”

A gavel rests on top of a closed Bible. By Jiri Hera/

Potential jurors who affirm biblical morality excluded from service: Why the gospel is no longer “good news” and how we can share it with transforming power

Shaquille O'Neal is joined by his family as they watch his jersey being raised as the Orlando Magic retire his jersey number after the team's NBA basketball game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Kevin Kolczynski)

Shaquille O’Neal’s jersey retired for the fourth time: How to live a legacy for eternity

A pointer finger moves a wooden block from reading "MY" to reading "HIS," which aligns with three other wooden blocks reading "WAY." By Fokussiert/

Good news in reaching the “nones” and a transforming lifestyle decision we can make today

A pointer finder touches the magnifying glass on a search bar, an illustration of the pastor search process. By /

Breaking down the pastor search process: Insight from Ronny Marriott, Mark Dance, and Mark Turman

A gray-haired man holds his left hand to his forehead in a sign of frustration, an illustration of the growing problem of clergy burnout. By thodonal/

A real-time answer to the clergy burnout crisis

New York Yankees center fielder Mickey Mantle completes his swing as he hits his 49th home run of the season in the first inning against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York, September 3, 1961. The home run came with Mickey's teammate and home run rival Roger Maris, on base. ( AP Photo )

Wisdom in handling the unpredictable: An excerpt from “God Is For You” by Mac Brunson

A dusty Bible has the words "Read Me" hand-drawn on its cover. By Julie Hagan/

Our “ex-Christian” culture must repent or face God’s judgment

A lit candle and a handful of salt in a small bowl sit atop a black Bible. By pamela_d_mcadams/

Three steps to catalyzing cultural civility

Two men have a Bible study outside. By digitalskillet1/

Pastors: How to find joy in your job this year

A lone hand holds up a smartphone covered in six red sticky notes, each of which has a poison symbol on it depicting malware. By stokkete/

17 “dangerous” apps to remove immediately from your smartphone: A reflection on the path to experiencing God’s best this year

Charles Dickens' book "A Christmas Carol" lies open featuring an illustration of "Scrooge's Third Vistor" on the left page and the title page on the right. By laplateresca/

Ebenezer Scrooge and two incarnational miracles of Christmas

Henry Kissinger at the state dept. after hearing of his winning of the Nobel Prize on Oct. 16, 1973. (AP Photo/JD)

Henry Kissinger on leadership: A transforming Christmas vision for pastors and society

A man folds his hands in prayer above an open laptop on a table. A closed Bible sits to the right of the laptop. Pcess609/

Why God “gives us discernment”: The life-giving power of intercession in a secularized culture

A manger at night sits in contrast to three crosses on a hill at daybreak signifying Christ's birth at Christmas, his death on the cross, and his ultimate resurrection. By Kevin Carden/

Redeeming “the most wonderful time of the year”: Three countercultural principles for Christmas

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