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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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What Are My Spiritual Gifts?

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God has distinctly gifted you, but do you know why?

The Bible speaks to more than a dozen “spiritual gifts,” ways in which God has uniquely made you for his grand purposes.

And when you come to know your gifts better, you will draw closer to God as you exercise those gifts in your daily life.

Denison Forum’s book, What Are My Spiritual Gifts?, offers further insight into seventeen spiritual gifts.

Additionally, each chapter describes how a certain person in the Bible represents each gifting, providing helpful examples of what it means to live out specific gifts.

What Are My Spiritual Gifts? will help you better understand how God has uniquely wired you for serving him and others. Request your copy today.

Within its pages, we:

  • define 17 spiritual gifts, from administration to hospitality,
  • portray people in the Bible who exemplify each gift,
  • warn against potential pitfalls specific to each gift,
  • and encourage readers on how to exercise their unique gifts.

Additionally, the book provides a link to our new online spiritual gifts assessment, which is free to take. After you take the test, the book will help you dive into how to best use your gifts for God’s glory and in service to others.

If you’re a Christian, God has given you spiritual gifts.

Now, how will you share those gifts with others?

Request your copy today of What Are My Spiritual Gifts? How to Discover, Understand, and Apply Your Spiritual Gifts.

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