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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Respectfully, I Disagree (E-Book)

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How can a nation survive if its citizens see each other as enemies?

Two out of three Americans consider civility to be a major problem in our country today. Only 7 percent say it is not a problem at all.

It seems we are all fighting to be heard, but no one’s listening.

Has our culture lost the art of civility?

In Respectfully, I Disagree: How to Be a Civil Person in an Uncivil Time, Dr. Jim Denison offers a path to becoming a people of civility in a season of conflict.

Dr. Denison discusses:

  • the priority of civility: How did we get here? Why is our culture so divided and divisive today? Is this the fault of our two-party system? Is America a Christian nation?
  • the person of civility: How can we allow God to transform our lives and relationships? Can anyone really change the culture? If so, what works?
  • the practice of civility: How should we respond to uncivil people? Shouldn’t we stand for our rights and values? What does “turn the other cheek” look like today?

With biblical insight on today’s contentious culture, Dr. Denison presents the promise of a better future, one in which we can disagree with respect and forge a culture of commonality and grace.

We pray that its words give you the God-led confidence to speak his truth in love to an increasingly uncivil world.

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