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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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How Does God See America?

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As political vitriol spills onto our social media feeds . . .

As our schools, churches, and government seem more divided than ever . . .

Are we asking the right questions?

In May of 2019, we released How Does God See America?, a book that wrestles with twelve tough cultural issues like suicide, abortion, sexuality, and postmodernism.

In that book—which is just as timely today—I also ask if America has strayed too far beyond God’s leading or if he’s being patient with us.

Cowritten with my son Dr. Ryan Denison, How Does God See America? has been updated and lightly revised. And the book provides insight on:

  • God’s perspective on the issues we’re facing today
  • a biblical view of God’s hand in history
  • how God engages with nations
  • how you can live confidently for Christ in today’s culture

Because our society appears so politically motivated, we’re offering this book today to help you better understand God’s calling on Christians in America.

And please know that your gift goes toward sharing more biblical insight on today’s toughest issues with Christians looking for a nonpartisan perspective on our politics and our culture.

Thank you for considering supporting our ministry with your donation for this book that we pray will help more Christians in America live out their calling to influence the culture for God’s glory.

NOTE: We are unable to ship outside of the United States. 

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