Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: Volume 6

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In my book, Biblical Insight to Tough Questions, Vol. 6, I invite you to explore ten difficult questions surrounding our faith, using God’s own words:

1. How can I talk to nonbelievers about divisive issues?

2. Is America a Christian nation?

3. What is religious liberty and why does it matter?

4. Is the death penalty biblical?

5. What distinguishes Catholics from Protestants?

6. How do I study the Bible for myself?

7. What is predestination and election?

8. Who were the Nephilim?

9. How do I help someone struggling with pornography?

10. What does it mean to be blessed by God?

Please join me in navigating these issues through the lens of God’s wisdom. God invites our questions because he has the answers we need.

I pray that the words within this book not only increase your knowledge about God and his word, but that they also draw you closer to him.

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