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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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Awaken My Heart

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Awaken My Heart: A 47-day Lenten Journey

God desires to awaken your heart. 

This is why Dr. Jim Denison has written his 47-day Lenten devotional book, Awaken My Heart — and it’s why we want to send a copy to you today.

Some people think Lent is only for Catholics, and others think it’s an unnecessary burden performed for ritual rather than spiritual reasons. After all, why give up something you love just because that’s what people do this time of year?

No, Lent should be more than that. 

It is more than that. 

And the Awaken My Heart devotional book shows you why.

Over the course of 47 readings, we’ll ask God to awaken the hearts of our nation, our culture, and ultimately ourselves to the truth of his word and the necessity of a consistent walk with him.

Each entry requires only a few minutes to read, but our hope is that the suggested reflections, questions, and prayer topics will spur you to spend much longer in conversation with the Father about what you’ve learned and experienced through that day’s devotional. 

Lent isn’t about tradition. It’s not about ritual. 

Lent is about drawing closer to the Lord and uniting God’s people across all walks of life and denominations of the faith in reflecting on Christ’s life, message, and sacrifice.

Will you join the millions of Christians around the globe who are likewise seeking God in preparation for the gift of Easter?

Please accept it as our gift to thank you for your donation to help more people discern the news differently and impact culture through the ministry of Denison Forum.

NOTE: We are unable to ship outside of the United States. 

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