Every Hour I Need Thee

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Unlock the secret to finding true joy

As Christians, we were created to walk intimately with Jesus every day and become more like him in his holiness through a life of prayer.

This is what led Dr. Jim Denison to write his newest book, Every Hour I Need Thee: A Practical Guide to Daily Prayer. And it’s why we want to put a copy in your hands today.

What you’ll find in Every Hour I Need Thee are simple keys that unlock the throne room of God and usher you into that Presence which feeds your soul and fills you with joy.

So we hope you’ll request this brand-new resource today—and accept it as our gift to thank you for your donation to help more believers discern the news differently—and create more culture-changing Christians.

Thank you… and may God use Every Hour I Need Thee to help you find true joy as you grow in intimacy with him.

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