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Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Hands folded in prayer in front of the US Capitol building. By lazyllama/

In “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory,” Tim Alberta recounts the infiltration of political extremism into American Christianity

A woman bows her head and clasps her hands in prayer over an open Bible on a table with a cup of coffee nearby. By ptnphotof/

In “Nobody’s Mother,” Sandra L. Glahn seeks God’s truth on women’s giftings

New York Yankees center fielder Mickey Mantle completes his swing as he hits his 49th home run of the season in the first inning against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York, September 3, 1961. The home run came with Mickey's teammate and home run rival Roger Maris, on base. ( AP Photo )

Wisdom in handling the unpredictable: An excerpt from “God Is For You” by Mac Brunson

As the sun sets over a field, a hand reaches toward the sun, partially obscuring its rays. By kieferpix/

If Jesus was serious . . . then our view of heaven must match his: An excerpt from “What If Jesus Was Serious about Heaven?” by Skye Jethani

With Christ across the sea of doubt: An excerpt from “Called into Questions” by Matthew Lee Anderson

A small wooden cross sits atop an American flag which sits atop a closed Bible. By Pixel-Shot/

Russell Moore on the crisis of American Christianity: A review of “Losing Our Religion”

A woman holds a small plastic cup filled with red communion wine. By Win/

The best and worst of evangelical Christianity in America: An excerpt from “Losing Our Religion” by Russell Moore

Close-up of an open Bible held by two hands on each side. By Mele Avery/

Want a more meaningful Bible-reading experience? Read big

A red paper airplane diverts its path from the status quo travel of a line of white paper airplanes traveling in a straight, diagonal direction. By Worawut/

4 innovation tools for every leader: An excerpt from “The Ways of the Leader” by Bill Mowry

See the one: An excerpt from “Bold Faith” by Dr. Jim Denison

Money spills out of an open white envelope against an orange background. By Jiri Hera/

Designed for generosity: An excerpt from “Money in the Light of Eternity” by Art Rainer

The book cover for "The Ballot and the Bible" appears next to its author's photo, Kaitlyin Schiess. Images courtesy of Brazos Press. Author photo by Kendra Sharrad.

The Bible and the Civil Rights Movement: An excerpt from “The Ballot and the Bible” by Kaitlyn Schiess

In space, the sun peeks out from behind half of the earth on the right with a galaxy of stars seen to the left. © By janez volmajer

Imagine an alien: The prologue to “A Meaningful World” by Jonathan Witt and Benjamin Wiker

Light shines forth from a starfield on a dark sky, an illustration of the beginning of the universe © By Quality Stock Arts/

The Judeo-Christian origins of modern science: An excerpt from “Return of the God Hypothesis” by Stephen C. Meyer

A black thought bubble containing dozens of written scientific equations balloons above the head of a silhouetted man's profile, his mind glowing. © By Tryfonov/

What’s it like being a Christian in the field of science? An excerpt from “Chasing Proof, Finding Faith” by Tom Rudelius

Two wedding rings sit atop an illustration of the cross. © By gaborphotos/

Your marriage as a message: An excerpt from “Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage” by Jodie Berndt

A man reads an open book in the palm of his hand. © By Lydia Goolia/

“Holy Moments” and the allure of quasi-Christian self-help books

A Bible lays open to the first chapter of Revelation. © By JavierArtPhotography/

Revelation for Too Many: An excerpt from “Revelation for the Rest of Us” by Scot McKnight and Cody Matchett

A mother and daughter clap their hands together, sending flour into the air, while making bread. © By fizkes/

“Liturgy of the Ordinary” by Tish Harrison Warren offers a profound message on our everyday lives

A long and harrowing bridge illustrates "the path to courage" from Russell Moore's book The Courage to Stand. © By mitifoto/

The path to courage: An excerpt from “The Courage to Stand” by Russell Moore

Silhouette of depressed and anxiety person head. Negative emotion image. Person head shaped paper on black torn paper background.

In “The Anxiety Opportunity,” Curtis Chang says that worry opens doors to our best selves

Racial unity. Profile head silhouette of African American man intersecting into another Caucasian man.

In “Beyond Racial Division,” Dr. George Yancey argues that colorblindness and antiracism aren’t helpful: How do we heal racial division?

Happy parents and daughter all laughing together © By Nattakorn / | A stock photo for a book review of Habits of the Household

How to parent with grace-filled habits: “Habits of the Household” calls parents to everyday spiritual modeling

Light shines upon the Abraham Lincoln memorial statue against a black background.

Jon Meacham illuminates Abraham Lincoln’s faith in “And There Was Light”

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