The essential Christian practice of creation care discipleship with Steven Bouma-Prediger

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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The essential Christian practice of creation care discipleship with Steven Bouma-Prediger

November 20, 2023 -

“The Bible begins and ends with rivers and trees.”

Steven Bouma-Prediger, PhD, is an author and professor at the intersection of theology and ecology. In this episode of The Denison Forum Podcast, he discusses the concept of “earthkeeping” as a Christian practice, ecological issues like climate change, and the importance of Christianity in driving change—including whether “just one person” can truly change the world.


  • (02:14): How Dr. Bouma-Prediger got involved in combining ecology and theology
  • (10:42): Defining earthkeeping
  • (20:48): What do you say to people who question if the climate is in crisis?
  • (24:45): The biggest challenge to creation care discipleship
  • (31:20): An invitation to curiosity
  • (39:38): On listening to a wide variety of voices in Christian thought
  • (43:07): What gives Dr. Bouma-Prediger hope for creation care issues?


About Steven Bouma-Prediger, PhD

Steven Bouma-Prediger (PhD, University of Chicago) is the Leonard and Marjorie Maas Professor of Reformed Theology at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. He also oversees the Environmental Studies minor and cochairs the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee. In addition, Bouma-Prediger has taught theology and ethics at Western Theological Seminary and is a board member of the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies. He is author or coauthor of 6 books, including Earthkeeping and Character: Exploring a Christian Ecological Virtue Ethic and For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision for Creation Care.

His most recently released book is Creation Care Discipleship: Why Earthkeeping Is an Essential Christian Practice.

About Dr. Mark Turman

Dr. Mark Turman is the Executive Director of Denison Forum and Vice President of Denison Ministries. Among his many duties, Turman is most notably the host of The Denison Forum Podcast. He is also the chief strategist for DF Pastors, which equips pastors and church leaders to understand and transform today’s culture.

About Denison Forum

Denison Forum exists to thoughtfully engage the issues of the day from a biblical perspective through The Daily Article email newsletter and podcast, The Denison Forum Podcast, as well as many books and additional resources.


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