How to talk to your kids about gender identity with Mark Yarhouse

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

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How to talk to your kids about gender identity with Dr. Mark Yarhouse

November 27, 2023 -

Dr. Mark Yarhouse offers practical tools for discussing gender identity with “compassion, civility, and conviction.”

Dr. Yarhouse is a professor and the director of the Sexual & Gender Identity Institute at Wheaton College. He is also the author of multiple books, including his most recent, Talking to Kids about Gender Identity: A Roadmap for Christian Compassion, Civility, and Conviction.

In this episode of The Denison Forum Podcast, Dr. Yarhouse helps parents understand gender identity issues that their kids and teenagers may be facing and how to talk about these issues with them in a practical and helpful manner.


  • (02:10): Who is Dr. Mark Yarhouse?
  • (04:53): Why is gender identity suddenly a popular cultural topic? What gender-identity-related terms should people know (e.g., transgenderism, nonbinary, gender dysphoria)? How prevalent is transgenderism today?
  • (10:19): What does it mean to be a “cultural ambassador of compassion, civility, and conviction”?
  • (17:51): Can we say with confidence what causes transgenderism?
  • (21:05): How to reduce fear-based parenting
  • (26:25): How can the Bible help us today with gender-identity issues?
  • (30:21): Why should people understand the differences between issues like transgenderism and homosexuality?
  • (34:23): What role does “social contagion” play in increased gender-identity issues among children and teenagers?
  • (38:37): Defining social (e.g., pronoun usage), hormonal, and surgical transitioning
  • (43:19): Would you use preferred pronouns with a child or teenager?
  • (45:22): What’s your advice for the parent or church leader who wants to welcome a person wrestling with gender-identity issues?
  • (48:48): Is there a framework for talking to your kids in age-appropriate ways about sexuality, including gender identity?
  • (53:26):  Where can people follow Dr. Yarhouse’s work?


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About Dr. Mark Yarhouse

Dr. Mark Yarhouse is the Dr. Arthur P. and Mrs. Jean May Rech Professor of Psychology at Wheaton College, where he also directs the Sexual & Gender Identity Institute. An award- winning teacher, psychologist, and researcher, Dr. Yarhouse has authored numerous books and articles, including the featured white paper on sexual identity for the Gospel Coalition’s Christ on Campus Initiative. He lives in Winfield, Illinois.

About Dr. Mark Turman

Dr. Mark Turman is the Executive Director of Denison Forum and Vice President of Denison Ministries. Among his many duties, Turman is most notably the host of The Denison Forum Podcast. He is also the chief strategist for DF Pastors, which equips pastors and church leaders to understand and transform today’s culture.

About Denison Forum

Denison Forum exists to thoughtfully engage the issues of the day from a biblical perspective through The Daily Article email newsletter and podcast, The Denison Forum Podcast, as well as many books and additional resources.

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