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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Warrant to search Donald Trump’s Florida home could be unsealed today

How Armstrong and Aldrin were nearly stranded on the moon

Picture of four-year-old Ukrainian bombing victim goes viral

When will the war in Ukraine end?

The end of an era: Living through the gray zone of our changing world

What does the “Z” mean? Why Putin’s approval rating is sky-high in Russia

Why the Russian Orthodox Church deems the war on Ukraine “a holy struggle”

Will China copy Russia and invade Taiwan? 

A “massive great white shark” and three illuminating articles on the end of the war in Ukraine

A girl and her pet hamster: Half of Ukraine’s children have been displaced by war

“Poles are opening their doors and arms to Ukrainians”

The Denison Forum Podcast Episode 13: Metanarratives: The story we find ourselves in

“We are fighting for the values of Europe and the world”: Responding to Volodymyr Zelensky’s remarkable speech

Scrolling Twitter at a nuclear compound: A review of “Spies, Lies, and Algorithms” by Amy Zegart

Zelensky’s speech to Congress today could be the “most important by a foreign leader since Churchill in 1941”

Pregnant Ukrainian woman wounded by Russian bombs has died: How much death and destruction will be enough for Putin?

The inevitability of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: How Putin’s history reveals his destiny

Would Putin use “tactical nuclear weapons” to win this war?

How to manage fear in a time of crisis

The Denison Forum Podcast Episode 12: A soldier and priest’s view of Ukraine: A conversation with retired major Father Barry Montgomery 

Eleven-year-old escapes Ukraine by himself: “Primeval conditions in besieged cities” and a light that “cannot be hidden”

How a young Christian killed in Ukraine “still speaks” to our future

Why the “new Cold War” affects every American Christian

Why does Russia want Ukraine? A timeline of Russian aggression against Ukraine

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