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Monday, May 20, 2024

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A woman's hand stretches toward an open pill bottle with depression medication spilled onto the table.

Should I take meds for my depression? A Christian approach to the mental illness epidemic

Depressed man looks out the window while in bed.

What does the Bible say about mental health? 

A silhouetted woman in a hat stands outside at sunset, her face looking to the side, her hat artistically filled with the sunset. © By primipil/

How to practice biblical self-care

A man lies on his back on a couch, his arm covering his eyes, in a state of anxiety. By fizkes/

How can a Christian deal with anxiety?

A lonely man sits by a window with his elbows on a table, his head downcast, his hands folded in front of his forehead, an illustration of the loneliness caused by the friendship recession. By pathdoc/

If you’re suffering from the “friendship recession,” you’re not alone

STOCK PHOTO: A scuba diver looks at goldfish underwater. By JonMilnes/ A man has said that a fish is his closest friend, an illustration of the increasing loneliness of our day.

“My closest friend is a fish”: Responding to the loneliness and anxiety of our day

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott throws before a preseason NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2023, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Lindsey Wasson). Prescott is one of 57 NFL QBs taking part in QB United, an effort to prevent suicides as part of World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10.

57 NFL QBs to team up for suicide prevention

To stop suicide every 40 seconds: Jacob Coyne with Stay Here discusses Christ-centered suicide prevention

A vice is tightened around a white egg with a small crack running along its center. By killykoon/

The truth about triggers: What the church needs to know about trauma

A child sits next to his fallen bike, grabbing at his scraped knee, a depiction of innocent suffering. Ermolaev Alexandr/

Why a good God must allow suffering—even innocent suffering—to exist

Both clad in black, a man hugs a grieving woman at a cemetery. © By LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS/ The Associated Press has reported that suicide has reached an all-time high in the US.

“US suicides hit an all-time high last year”: Is faith relevant to death by suicide?

Mental health, psychology, and faith: A conversation with Chris Legg, LPC

Mental health, psychology, and faith: A conversation with Chris Legg, LPC

An illustration of a half-digital, half-human brain, indicative of the merging of artificial intelligence with our daily lives. © By peshkova/

AI can read your mind and help the paralyzed walk: Should we be afraid?

Anxiety is an opportunity: A conversation with Curtis Chang

Warren Buffet gesturing and talking at a shareholders meeting.

“You should write your obituary”: Why I disagree with Warren Buffett

A lonely young woman stares out of a rainy window. © By Africa Studio/ Per the US Surgeon General's office, loneliness “can increase the risk of premature death to levels comparable to smoking daily.”

Why is loneliness as dangerous as smoking?

A still photo from the film Jesus Revolution with Jonathan Roumie playing Lonnie Frisbee. Photo credit: Dan Anderson.

Why is the Greg Laurie movie “Jesus Revolution” so popular?

Erin Kerry joins Dr. Mark Turman to discuss how functional and traditional medicine can complement each other, why Christian self-care can be biblical, the importance of seeing ourselves as body, mind, and soul, and why nutrition is important to mental health.

What is Christian self-care? A conversation with Erin Kerry

A single mother and her son blow dandelion seeds into the air in a field. © By stepinpapa/

50,000 babies saved: How pro-life can go beyond pro-birth

A woman sits next to a window overlooking a winter landscape, her hand covering her eyes in a depressed state.

Are you SAD? How to fight against the winter blues

Young person voting US elections, filling out a voter form

How did Gen Z vote in the 2022 midterms?

People walk outside the U.S Capitol building in Washington, Thursday, June 9, 2022.

The latest on the midterms: How America can experience a “new birth of freedom”

An American flag waves in front of the Capitol building

Republicans predicted to take the House, Senate too close to call: Insights from “the father of democracy”

Unrecognizable sick woman lying in hospital bed.

What is the “death movement”? Nancy R. Pearcey defends a biblical view of the body in Love Thy Body

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