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Sunday, February 5, 2023

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The inevitability of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: How Putin’s history reveals his destiny

Would Putin use “tactical nuclear weapons” to win this war?

How to manage fear in a time of crisis

From overwhelmed to overflowing: The life Christ offers

“We are brothers”: The pain and hope that connect Cain and Abel to the war in Ukraine

Why does Russia want Ukraine? A timeline of Russian aggression against Ukraine

“We will fight to the last breath”: Why one man’s courage is empowering his nation

Volodymyr vs. Vladimir: Two questions we’re asking

Elon Musk: Billionaire, entrepreneur, and . . . global hero?

“The most consequential speech of his lifetime”: The State of the Union and a day for unity

The problem of grandiosity

Are we in a new Cold War?

Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert: The latest from Ukraine and a biblical call to courage

“Religious Liberty in Crisis”: A conversation with Judge Ken Starr

Why Russia “invaded” Ukraine: Explaining “Putin’s endgame”

Is Ukraine on the brink of war? Two articles explain why this crisis matters to the world

Christian on trial in Finland for quoting the Bible on sexual morality

Success that changes everything: Winning the Super Bowl of your soul

Ministry fog

Calm, confident, childlike

AMORE: Loving Muslims, Italian style

Homeowner uses flamethrower to melt snow, sets house ablaze

Worship: Invitation and imperative

Will the Supreme Court protect religious liberty?

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