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Saturday, June 15, 2024

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University of Texas to allow cohabitation on campus regardless of gender or sexual identity

Is America headed toward another civil war?

Why Elon Musk serving on the Twitter board matters to every American

The troubling reason “Moon Knight” has gotten mixed reviews

Lunar dust collected by Neil Armstrong up for auction

Why changes to the NFL’s “Rooney Rule” may not change much

Caught in the perfect storm of viewing porn? Here’s how Jesus responded to sexual sin

Denzel Washington on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock: “The only solution was prayer”

Should I be on social media?

Atheist is “ready to give God a try”: An April Fool’s Day reflection

“Safe and secure from all alarms”

"The 5 Masculine Instincts” by Chase Replogle, courtesy of Moody Publishers

The two essentials for building Christian character: An excerpt from “The 5 Masculine Instincts” by Chase Replogle

Ask Jim: How can I share my faith in light of evolution? And other answers to tough questions

A girl and her pet hamster: Half of Ukraine’s children have been displaced by war

Pocket prayers for global affairs: “He Gets Us” and how to help Ukraine

Ukrainian girl who sang in a Kyiv bunker performs for thousands in Poland

What does the Bible say about marijuana? A review of “Cannabis and the Christian” by Dr. Todd Miles

What the chaos of March Madness teaches us about handling life’s uncertainties

Our calling to practice abundant hospitality

Pastor to church after building destroyed by fire: “We are always more than the tragedies we face”

Jesus understands: An excerpt from “The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible” by Mary DeMuth

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas wins D1 championship: How normalizing is a key to cultural acceptance

How Christians are serving courageously in Ukraine

How can we combat the expanding problem of cyberbullying?

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