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Monday, June 24, 2024

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A group of children in Halloween costumes reach into a bag of candy while trick-or-treating. By Rawpixel.com/stock.adobe.com. Why is Halloween so popular?

Why is Halloween so popular? A reflection on war, loneliness, and transforming grace

Martin Luther statue in Eisleben. By nhermann/stock.adobe.com

Nailing theology to a church door: Incarnational missiology and our Acts 8:1 moment

Three children at Halloween each hold their pumpkin candy buckets

“The farther away you are from the devil”: A Halloween meditation

A statute of Martin Luther holding a Bible in one hand and pointing to its cover with his other hand outside of a Copenhagen church.

On this day in Christian history, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses: Why indulgences were so significant

The Denison Forum Podcast discusses timely news and relevant topics with biblical insight. Hosted by Dr. Mark Turman and featuring Dr. Jim Denison, plus guests on occasion, this weekly, discussion-oriented podcast will help Christians further develop a biblical worldview on current events, equipping them to be salt and light for Christ.

Ask Jim: Should Christians celebrate Halloween? What happens when we die? Does demon possession still happen today?

November is nigh: 6 significant midterm issues for concerned Christian voters

Caregiver asks adults with Down syndrome to be her bridesmaids

How Ernie Johnson and Rosa Parks became the "father of the century" and the "mother of the civil rights movement"

How Ernie Johnson and Rosa Parks became the “father of the century” and the “mother of the civil rights movement”

Why do so many Americans believe in ghosts?

Why do so many Americans believe in ghosts?

Evoking Christmas in July, a Santa Claus hat sits on a pool deck

How did “Christmas in July” start?: Making every day Christmas

World's longest suspension bridge

High anxiety in the middle of tranquility: The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge is not for the faint-of-heart

A man holds up a local newspaper as he poses for a photo in front of a new art piece by British graffiti artist Banksy in the Brooklyn borough of New York, October 17, 2013. (Credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)

People pay only $60 for works by famous artist

Small boy sitting at a table dipping Oreos into a glass of milk (Credit: Jaimie Duplass via Fotolia)

Oreos as addictive as cocaine

Mississippi governor's remarkable faith statement:

Mississippi governor’s remarkable faith statement: Finding the courage to stand for what we believe

Inflatable pumpkins and a ghostly decoration sit outside of a home

Neighbors decorate mother’s home for Halloween in memory of her son: Six steps to the hope we need today

A single large pumpkin hides behind leaves

Why “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is so relevant to politics and religion today

Woman receives a postcard from 1920:

Woman receives a postcard from 1920: Remarkable change and the power of the unchanging God

A Tustin Cobras Pop Warner team holds a practice at Foothill High School, September 19, 2012. (Credit: The Orange County Register, Leonard Ortiz)

Bounty and betting scandals hit youth football

Tyrannosaurus Rex at Palais de la Découverte Musuem, Paris, France (Credit: David Monniaux via en.wikipedia.org)

New York City bans references to dinosaurs

Black Friday shoppers wait for a Target store to open in Lanesborough, Massachusetts November 26, 2010 (Credit: Adam Hunger)

Black Thursday

Passengers travel atop a train headed for Mymensing from Dhaka (Credit: Reuters/Andrew Biraj)

One of seven billion

friendly halloween pumpkin (Credit: Anders Lageras via en.wikipedia.org)

Will there be pumpkins for Halloween?

Credit: Pexels

Is free speech worth the cost?

Do you live in “Hauntington”?

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