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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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Teacher fired for not using transgender student’s preferred pronoun

At least 12 killed in California nightclub

Another boy rescued, 8 still inside Thailand cave

Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused service: Political discrimination?

Transgender man’s baby could be first person without legal mother

Celebrating VE Day and winning the spiritual war

The story of Alfie Evans: A tale of two Kates

The royal baby: Good news on a hard day

What Time’s 100 “most influential people” says to the American church

Should babies with Down syndrome be aborted?

Should pro-life pregnancy centers be forced to advertise abortion services?

Sales of bulletproof backpacks soar

Tiffany Trump’s friends enter an “unconventional” marriage

Charlie Rose and the epidemic of sexual immorality

Starbucks Cup cheered by LGBT advocates

Did archaeologists find the grave of Santa Claus?

Monkey takes selfie and makes legal history

Why it matters that Kid Rock will run for Senate

Would Bernie Sanders vote for Jesus?

The ‘nuclear option’ and the grace of God

Will Oprah run for president?

My response to the nomination of Neil Gorsuch

March on Washington excludes pro-life women

What to do when you’re discouraged with America

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