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Sunday, February 5, 2023

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biblical marriage

Russian troops surprised by Ukrainian robotic vacuums: A lesson in warfare, both physical and spiritual

The surprising result if Liz Cheney runs for president

Dr. Fauci announces his retirement, response is what you’d expect

The greatest thing Jesus ever said

Responding to intolerance with courage and truth

The cost of controlling your reputation: An excerpt from “The Cost of Control” by Sharon Hodde Miller

A call for bold, biblical preaching

Is the church that performed “Hamilton” being persecuted?

Unborn children as a tax exemption and Whoopi Goldberg’s “religious” argument for abortion

Before you climb this mountain, pay for your funeral

Ask Jim: What is a cultural missionary, and how can God redeem the Uvalde shooting? 

How to leave a legacy that matters

Was al-Zawahiri a terrorist or a martyr?

The church and urban ministry: A conversation with Chris Brooks

Why the founder of Raising Cane’s bought $100,000 in lottery tickets

Mega Millions tops $1 billion and the so-called Respect for Marriage Act: Two ways to deal with discouragement

US House passes bill protecting same-sex marriage

Our favorite books—how many does Dr. Denison read each week?

How can Christians relate to the LGBTQ+ community with truth and love? A conversation with Bruce Miller

“Lightyear” features same-sex kiss: Should kids see Disney’s latest film?

New hymnal and Bible study celebrate LGBTQ ideology

Responding to the Uvalde shooting: A conversation with Carmen LaBerge

Faith and works: A conversation with Dr. Albert Reyes

A man sits on a couch with a woman on either side of him

Polyamorous “weddings” and the claim that affairs can “strengthen a marriage”

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