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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Ronny’s Denison Forum Story


Help usher in a great spiritual awakening in 2024!

There is a lot of news out there, and not all of it can be trusted. That’s what makes Denison Forum different. Through the support of friends like you, we’re able to provide biblical insight about what’s going on in our world every single day.

God is inviting his people like Pastor Ronny and his congregation to be a part of what he’s doing in our culture! And today you can help equip believers around the world to engage culture daily.

This is why Denison Forum has set a $2,564,766 year-end goal — and why we’re asking friends like you to help meet it December 31. 

Your generosity will not only help meet the year-end target, it will pave the way for a spiritual revival our society so earnestly needs.

Here’s how your doubled donation will be utilized by Denison Forum in 2024:

  • Publication: Launch of an insightful book on biblical sexuality.
  • Guided Content: The “7 Pillars of Biblical Flourishing” to direct our readers’ attention monthly.
  • Commentaries: Release of in-depth insights on the books of Matthew and Revelation.
  • Devotional: Introduction of Awaken My Heart: A Lent Devotional.
  • Regular Content: Sustained production of The Daily Article, The Denison Forum Podcast, and weekly articles.
  • Outreach: Marketing our resources to put them in more hands and on more screens

Your year-end contribution will be instrumental in driving these initiatives in 2024. 

And Sunday, December 31, is the last day you can give a donation and make it tax-deductible for 2023.

Please give now — and thank you for playing your part to see a spiritual awakening dawn across the globe!

Denison Forum
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Dallas, TX 75252-5618
[email protected]

To donate by check, mail to:

Denison Ministries
PO Box 226903
Dallas, TX 75222-6903