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Antiracism resources: Recommendations to fight racism

Denison Forum exists to thoughtfully engage the issues of the day from a biblical perspective. Jim Denison speaks and writes on cultural and contemporary issues. He is a trusted author and subject matter expert in areas where faith and current events intersect. The Denison Forum provides leading insight for discerning today’s news differently, empowering believers to navigate current issues and share the timeless truth of God’s word with a changing culture.

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Antiracism resources
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The following books, articles, podcasts, and videos offer further education on the problem of racism in America today. This is purposefully not an exhaustive list but should provide starting points for deeper reflection and conversations regarding racial reconciliation.






The Color of Compromise Video Series

The 12-part Color of Compromise video series is now available. I hope you’ll check it out! #ColorofCompromiseAmazon Prime Video: (FREE trial)Vimeo:

Posted by Jemar Tisby on Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Watch The Color of Compromise twelve-part video series on Amazon Prime.