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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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The Church

GPS for the soul

The world’s only hope

What are you waiting for?

The God who sends and saves

How to find your heart

Baptism on Monday

The cure for the fruitless soul

The cure for a hungry soul

God’s power for God’s purpose: A church on the move

God’s power for God’s purpose: Stephen, the man God crowned

God’s power for God’s purpose: Deacons

God’s power for God’s purpose: The power of his Name

The joy of giving Jesus

Are you Jesus?

Defined by a cause

Weapons of mass construction

Why does God allow war?

Whom will you bring to Jesus?

For such a time as this

Washing soles and soles

What you see is what you get

How to choose your children

Stepping from success to significance

Finding joy in strange places

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