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Monday, March 4, 2024

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The Greater Work (E-Book)

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“Prayer does not fit us for the greater works; prayer is the greater work.” —Oswald Chambers

Do you struggle to pray?

Maybe you lack consistency. Or you’d like to pray with more power and urgency. Or you desire to make prayer a regular part of your day, but you’re simply too busy.

You’re not alone.

Often, the central question that prevents us from praying more often, more passionately, and more expectantly is, “Why should I pray?”

  • Why pray if God already knows what you’re going to ask?
  • Why pray if God already knows what he’s going to do?
  • Why pray if God seems silent?

In The Greater Work: How Prayer Positions You to Receive All that Grace Intends to Give, Dr. Jim Denison answers why you should pray and offers biblical insight on how to pray and what to pray for.

May prayer become “the greater work” of your life today.

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