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Friday, December 8, 2023

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Biblical Insight to Tough Questions: 6 Volume Box Set

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“Get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.” —Proverbs 4:7

This beautifully designed limited edition box set of the first six volumes of Dr. Denison’s Biblical Insight to Tough Questions series is an excellent addition to your personal library—or a thoughtful gift for others.

In this perennially popular series, Dr. Jim Denison has fielded a wide array of challenging questions.

Each slim volume contains 10 tough questions for a total of 60 biblical insights across 6 volumes. For example:

Biblical questions

  • What is the Trinity? (Vol. 5)
  • Isn’t the Bible filled with contradictions? (Vol. 1)
  • What are the Nephilim? (Vol. 6)
  • Are we living in the end times? (Vol. 2)

Cultural concerns

  • Is America a Christian nation? (Vol. 6)
  • What does the Bible say about homosexuality? (Vol. 1)
  • How can I love God and those with whom I disagree? (Vol. 4)
  • How should a Christian vote? (Vol. 3)

Personal application

  • How can I talk to nonbelievers about divisive issues? (Vol. 6)
  • What are my spiritual gifts? (Vol. 2)
  • When life gets hard, where can I turn? (Vol. 4)
  • Is it wrong to drink alcohol as a Christian? (Vol. 3)

This set is our thank you for your donation of $100 or more to Denison Forum.

We pray this set will encourage, challenge, and inspire you as you seek to live as a culture-changing Christian.

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