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The Cloud Strike Prophecy

August 21, 2013 -

David Orlo is the novelistic writing name of Dr. David Dykes, the longtime senior pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas.  Dr. Dykes has been preaching since 1970 and has authored 11 nonfiction books.  Under his leadership, Green Acres has become one of the largest churches in Texas and a global leader in missions engagement and support.  David is my personal friend and a trusted colleague in the gospel.

The Cloud Strike Prophecy is his first work of fiction.  David wrote the novel to inform the reader about radical Islam while introducing the gospel in the context of the narrative. His novel fulfills both aims with remarkable success.
As a student of Islam and radical Muslims, I can attest to the truthfulness of Dr. Dykes’ information and description.  Jihadists are the greatest threat Western culture has ever faced.  His novel explains their beliefs and exposes their vision for national and global conquest.

His plot is compelling and believable.  David demonstrates a strong grasp of Jewish history and culture (he’s led more than 20 study tours of the Holy Land), and sets his characters and narrative within a fascinating Hebrew context.  The strategy he describes for a jihadist attack on Americans is chillingly realistic.  I’ve read everything Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum wrote, and found David’s novel to be in their league as a thriller.

While engaging the reader with a powerful story, he presents the gospel clearly through his narrative.  The reader never feels that the Christian faith is forced on the plot, but encounters the love of God as the characters experience it.  I will be giving the novel to non-believers I know, confident that they will enjoy the book and will understand God’s grace more fully.

The Cloud Strike Prophecy is a work of fiction, but the issues it addresses are not.  Nor is the good news it offers the world.

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