Four Blood Moons: something is about to change

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Four Blood Moons: something is about to change

March 24, 2015 -

{source}<iframe style=”float: left; border: 1px solid #000000; background-color: #C0C0C0; padding: 2px; margin: 10px; -moz-border-radius: 3px; -khtml-border-radius: 3px; -webkit-border-radius: 3px; border-radius: 3px;” width=”400″ height=”225″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>{/source}”The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.” (Joel 3:4)

In the late 15th century, Catholic Spain made its best effort to violently expel all Jews from its land during the inquisition.  Many fled to the new world known as America in the wake of Christopher Columbus (1492-93).  In 1948, Israel officially became a nation once again, and President Harry Truman led the United States to be Israel’s first supporter.  The Six-Day War in 1967 marked a significant victory for the nation of Israel, giving them control of Jerusalem.

What do these dates/events have in common?  A tetrad of blood moons.  A blood moon is a lunar eclipse that allows refracted light from the earth’s atmosphere to color the moon a red shade.  They are not uncommon, but it is somewhat uncommon for four of them, a tetrad, to occur without a partial lunar eclipse in between.  Pastor John Hagee, the force behind the book and docudrama sharing the name Four Blood Moons, thinks that something significant will happen with the Jewish people this year because we’re in the middle of a Tetrad.   

Fifty-four tetrads have occurred in the past 2015 years.  There were no tetrads during a three hundred year period between 1600 and 1900.  There will be nine sets of tetrads in this century.  In other words, they are sporadic.  We are currently in the midst of a four blood moons series which all fall on major Jewish holidays: Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and Passover and Tabernacles in 2015.

How significant is all this? According to Hagee and other theologians, this is very significant—an end times sign.  Dr. Hugh Ross, a Christian Astronomer, gives a different perspective though.  Among his many criticisms of Hagee’s arguments, he explains that “tetrads occurred on Passover and Tabernacle festival dates in AD 162–63, 795–96, 841–43, and 860–61, during which no outstanding events in Jewish history happened.”

Walking away from the movie I was not convinced that this tetrad is something significant.  However, I am not convinced that it lacks significance either.  I will have one eye on the sky and one on Israel this year as Passover and Tabernacles approach.  It is a great reminder to heed the biblical call for God’s people to pray and look for Jesus’ return.

The movie also put it on my heart to continue to obey what Psalm 122 commands:

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
    ‘May those who love you be secure.
May there be peace within your walls
    and security within your citadels.’
For the sake of my family and friends,
    I will say, ‘Peace be within you.’
For the sake of the house of the Lord our God,
    I will seek your prosperity.”

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