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Friday, April 12, 2024

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A letter of thanks

August 8, 2011 -

Rudyard Kipling was once so popular that he was paid ten shillings per word. Some college students sent him ten shillings with the request, “Please send us your best word.” They received this reply from Kipling: “Thanks.”

This morning I agree completely with the great author. It’s been 12 days since we announced our ministry’s new website, logo, and name. Your response has been so gracious and supportive that I wanted to use today’s essay to express my thanks. I am personally grateful to each of you for reading the “cultural commentary” each morning, for your comments and suggestions, and for your support of this work.

I consider it a great honor and calling to discuss the day’s news in spiritual perspective with you. Before I begin the essay, I first ask the Father to show me what he wants us to consider from his word and will. I pray that his Spirit would graciously use these words to help you in some way during that day. And I thank him for the privilege of sharing this conversation with you.

Dr. Frank Harrington was the longtime senior minister of the great Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He became a mentor and friend to me during the years Janet and I served in that beautiful city. One day he confided to me, “I never step to the pulpit on Sunday without thanking God that someone came to hear me preach.” I feel that way as I write this essay—I never take for granted the fact that you take time from your very busy morning to read these words.

With our new website and ministry platform in place, I will now have the opportunity to discuss cultural issues and current events with you in a variety of ways. First, I will be reading every comment you make to the daily essay and will reply whenever my response seems appropriate. Your thoughts and suggestions are very helpful to me as I seek ways to minister through this forum.

Second, I am now posting original content each day on our Facebook page. This is a new medium for someone born in the Eisenhower Administration, but I’m excited about this opportunity to discuss biblical truth with you. Third, I am now writing content for the website which is not part of the daily essay. My review of the latest Harrison Ford movie is an example—the new website gives me many more opportunities to engage cultural issues with biblical truth.

Fourth, we are planning live stream events and “webinars” in the near future, where we can talk together about the issues of our day. We are looking for ways to make more video available—sermons, Bible studies, and other biblical content. And my new book on radical Islam will be available around August 15—we’ll let you know more as these projects proceed. In all we do, we want to glorify the King and extend his Kingdom.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to the day’s news. For today, I needed to express my thanks for all that your support means to me and to this ministry. With Paul, “I thank my God every time I remember you” (Philippians 1:3). May the Father bless you and yours today.

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