9/11 note reaches family 10 years later

Saturday, April 20, 2024

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9/11 note reaches family 10 years later

September 11, 2012 -

“84th Floor west office 12 people trapped.”  These words were scrawled on a note that fell from the World Trade Center’s South Tower on September 11, 2001.  The note was found by a person on the street, who handed it to a guard at the Federal Reserve Bank.  The bank then turned it over to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.  The museum began working with the Medical Examiner’s Office to discover its origin.

They found trace amounts of blood on the note, which they were able to match through DNA testing to a Connecticut man named Randy Scott.  He had worked at Euro Brokers in the South Tower, where United Airlines Flight 175 crashed at 9:03 AM.  Just over a year ago, the Medical Examiner’s office contacted Scott’s wife, Denise.  When she saw the note, she knew instantly that her husband had written it.  It will be displayed at the September 11 Memorial, where the chief curator says it will be “one of the most powerful artifacts in the museum.”

It’s been 11 years since that horrific day.  Like today, it was a Tuesday morning.  Eleven years later, we’re still at war with the ideology that inspired such tragedy.  But most Americans still don’t know why radical Muslims hate us.

Their reasons are twofold.  First, they believe that the West has been attacking Islam since the Crusades, and especially with by supporting Israel.  Since the Qur’an requires Muslims to defend Islam (2:190), they believe they are obligated to strike at us in return.  Second, since our nation is a democracy where we elect our leaders and support our military, radical Muslims believe that we are all complicit in this perceived assault on Islam.

To the 19 terrorists, their actions were not an unprovoked attack on innocent Americans.  Rather, they were a defense of Islam, striking at the heart of Western “crusader imperialism.”  To them the Twin Towers represent the financial; the Pentagon, the military; and the White House (apparently the intended target of United Flight 93), the political.  They will continue attacking us until their version of Islam reigns supreme over the world.

Why did Satan inspire such a murderous ideology?  My friend Tom Doyle, longtime missionary to the Middle East, explains that radical Islam is Satan’s strategy to keep the gospel from Muslims.  If we hate them or fear them, we will not take Christ to them.  So today, on the 11th anniversary of that terrible Tuesday morning, let’s turn the enemy’s evil into good.  Please take a moment, right now, to ask the Lord to bring a great spiritual awakening across the Muslim world.  Pray for Christians in Muslim lands to be bold and powerful in their witness.

And pray for our nation to remember this terrible day by turning to the only One who is “our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).  A “refuge” helps only those who trust its protection.  Have you made the Lord your refuge yet today?

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