Focus in a time of crisis: Warren Buffett's rules and four ways to improve your life and world

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Focus in a time of crisis: Warren Buffett’s rules and four ways to improve your life and world

March 17, 2020 -

In these days of working from home and social distancing, one of our great challenges is to find and keep focus on what matters most. It is challenging to parent at-home children while officing at home. Distractions from the news on the pandemic are ever-present. So much has changed about our lives, making it easy to feel disoriented and unfocused.

In this context, an article I read just now on Warren Buffett may be helpful.

Buffett is obviously one of the most successful investors and business leaders in the world. However, he is countercultural in so much of his life and work.

He has never had a computer in his office. He has never used a stock sticker. He does not have a smartphone. He rarely talks to the media. He doesn’t attend industry events. And he barely attends internal meetings.

What he does do is maintain focus.

He refuses busy work and lives simply: he’s lived in the same house in Omaha, Nebraska, for sixty years and spends only $100,000 a year. He focuses his investment strategy on only a few, long-term bets.

The profile then suggests steps we can follow in prioritizing our schedules and lives. I encourage you to read more at “Warren Buffett: ‘Really Successful People Say No To Almost Everything’”.

Four ways to improve your life and world

Warren Buffett may be one of the most influential investors of our generation, but Jesus Christ is the most influential person of all time. And he lived by the same commitment to focus and priorities.

He began his day alone with his Father (Mark 1:35). He focused his message and ministry on advancing God’s kingdom in all he did (Matthew 4:17). He knew and fulfilled his mission: “The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

Now he stands ready to focus and direct your life. Consider these steps:

One: Ask the Lord how he wants to redeem this time of uncertainty in your life.

If you’re working from home, how would Jesus make this time more missional?

What could be done to redeem these days for his glory and our good?

Two: With his guidance, determine three to five major goals you want to accomplish during the coronavirus crisis.

They may involve strengthening relationships with family and friends, completing tasks for work or home, or personal improvement.

You might begin an at-home exercise regimen or strengthen your personal spiritual disciplines.

Decide what specific ways you will use these days effectively.

Three: Measure everything else you do by these goals.

Determine to focus on what matters most every day. See your time as your most valuable asset and invest it where it will bring the greatest return.

Four: Resolve to serve someone every day.

Seek to help someone know Christ and make him known. Seek to meet their personal needs in some way. Don’t let a day pass without knowing that you blessed someone’s life in Jesus’ name.

When this crisis is over, how will you be better?

How will the world be better because of you?

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