Truck driver spends $600,000 to share the gospel

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Truck driver spends $600,000 to share the gospel

October 14, 2013 -

A 72-year-old truck driver from Green Bay, Wisconsin has spent $600,000 to post evangelistic signs all over the country.  Harold Scott has been driving for 43 years.  He has never married and has no family to support, so he is spending his life savings to share the gospel.  His signs proclaim messages such as “Life is nothing without God” and “Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world.”

He explains: “I’m trying to reach the masses of people who are lost in this world and try to get them back to God before it’s too late, because this world is not going to be here forever.”  When people question his financial sacrifice, he responds: “As scripture says in the Bible, everything we have is from the Lord.  And if the Lord needs it back to propagate the kingdom, we should give it back to Him.”

My brother, Dr. Mark Denison, is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Conroe, Texas.  He writes a fantastic daily blog titled, “Become Like Him.”  In today’s essay, Mark cites author Saul Bellow, who says “the living are like birds flying over the surface of the water.  One bird may plunge into the water and never surface again, but the rest of the birds keep flying.”

To extend the metaphor, it is incumbent upon believers to share God’s love with those who fly alongside us while we can.  We may be the last Christian they see before they plunge from this life into eternity.

Harold Scott would agree.  He began his billboard campaign after realizing that, among the multitude of highway signs he’d seen in his career, he’d never seen one that shared the simple gospel.  “They don’t know Jesus and they don’t know God, and they don’t understand the Bible,” he says of unbelievers.  “And they don’t understand this free gift—the free gift that’s in front of them.  All of the gold and silver, cars and trucks, and sex and pornography amount to nothing.”  So he’s spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to share Christ with as many as he can, while he can.

Someone said to Dwight Moody, the famous preacher, “I don’t like your evangelistic methods.”  Moody grinned and replied, “I don’t like them much, either.  What are yours?”  The man admitted that he didn’t have any.  Moody said, “I like mine better than yours.”

What price will you pay to share Christ with someone today?

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