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A statement from a spiritual genius

Dr. Jim Denison is a cultural apologist who helps people respond biblically and redemptively to the vital issues of our day. He is also the co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of the Denison Forum, a Dallas-based nonprofit that comments on current issues through a biblical lens.

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A black and white painting of classic photo of Oswald Chambers. Could not find original source or creator (Credit: Sad Hill News)

Oswald Chambers was one of the most profound spiritual influences of the 20th century.  This morning I read his remarkable statement: “The measure of the worth of our public activity for God is the private profound communion we have with him.”

Chambers’ legacy is proof of his assertion.  He never published a book during his lifetime–his wife, a gifted stenographer, recorded his talks and then published them after his death.  They have grown in popularity ever since; My Utmost For His Highest is perhaps the most popular devotional book in the English language today.  I’ve been reading from it every morning since 1993.  Chambers’ “private profound communion” with God continues to challenge and encourage me.

This year I’ve added another devotional to my morning reading.  A dear friend gave me Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling for Christmas.  Young turns biblical truths into statements from God, often with profound results.  Here’s how today’s reading begins: “I am able to do far beyond all that you ask or imagine.  Come to Me with positive expectations, knowing that there is no limit to what I can accomplish.  Ask My Spirit to control your mind, so that you can think great thoughts of Me.”

If I ask the Father to give me “great thoughts” of him as I commune with his Spirit, he will answer my prayer.  The more I think of him, the more I will trust him.  The more I trust him, the more I will be empowered by his Spirit.  The more I am empowered, the more I will be effective in his service.

So I will spend time in “private profound communion” with God today, surrendering my mind to his Spirit.  Will you join me?